How to cite pyPESTO

Citeable DOI for the latest pyPESTO release:

pyPESTO release DOI

When using pyPESTO in your project, please cite

  • Schälte, Y., Fröhlich, F., Jost, P. J., Vanhoefer, J., Pathirana, D., Stapor, P., Lakrisenko, P., Wang, D., Raimúndez, E., Merkt, S., Schmiester, L., Städter, P., Grein, S., Dudkin, E., Doresic, D., Weindl, D., & Hasenauer, J. (2023). pyPESTO: A modular and scalable tool for parameter estimation for dynamic models, Bioinformatics, 2023;, btad711,

When presenting work that employs pyPESTO, feel free to use one of the icons in doc/logo/:


There is a list of publications using pyPESTO. If you used pyPESTO in your work, we are happy to include your project, please let us know via a GitHub issue.